Saturday, 29 September 2012

Nanda Devi Festival Nainital - 2012

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Nanda Devi festival held every year in Nanda Devi Temple Nainital and it has a big religious and cultural significance. Making of Idol of Nanda and Sunanda is a big art. Local artist made these idols from Banana tree. 
These deities worshipped for next few days and last day after all rituals the idols will be immerse in water.

 The festival of Nanda Devi started in Nainital in 1903. In this occasion a fair held in Flats, where many shopkeepers sail their products.

This year fair start from 23rd to 26th September 2012.



  1. Superb captures Vineeta. You have captured the ambiance of the festival beautifully!

  2. Faszinierend ist immer wieder diese Farbenvielfalt, einfach schön bunt und so fröhlich...


  3. Beautiful festival, I love it.

  4. For me best picture, is the last one...where the bou in front(in Blue
    jumper) closing his jipper :-)
    - Apal

  5. Wonderful pictures! The idols made up of banana leaves speak of the skill of the artisans. Thanks for introducing me to a fascinating festival and its festive mood, Vineeta. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing this festival with us. Your photos are wonderful -- I especially like your evening pictures.

  7. Beautiful Photos. There is a lot of material on Nainital in my blog too at