Friday, 17 February 2012

Nainital In Snow Fall

Friends, I am starting my new blog which will completely based on Nainital City and the surrounding area of Nainital…Here I will try to describe city through pictures…

In my first post, I am posting some pictures of snowfall, 9th January 2012, in Nainital… After 5-6 years, it was snow in Nainital so for me those moments were very special  and clicked some pictures, which I am posting here, as my first post…

First post of this blog I am dedicating to my friend who gave me idea to start a blog about Nainital…


  1. बहुत ही सुन्दर ब्लॉग. और नैनीताल की खूबसूरती के क्या कहने ! आपकी तस्वीरों से और भी उभर कर सामने आया है.

  2. बढ़िया है । लकड़ी की गन्ध आ रही है और काफ़ी युनीक ले आउट है ।

  3. Nice to see views of Nainital in snow...Great

  4. somewhat reminds me of my Kabul winters...